N-Hance FAQ’s

Common questions to the premier wood refinishing Master Franchise opportunity

What is N-Hance?

N-Hance Wood Renewal is the leading global wood refinishing franchise. N-Hance offers expert solutions in updating and preserving existing cabinets and floors. We pride ourselves in giving the best possible refinishing services without the cost, mess, and time of traditional replacing or re-facing methods. As an N-Hance Master franchisee, you can give customers a complete wood makeover at a fraction of the cost and in as little as one day. We have a proprietary product line and offer all the support required to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

kitchen after N-Hance updated it with copper plants

How is a Master Franchisee different from a regular franchisee?

A Master Franchisee owns the rights to the brand within their territory and is responsible for developing the brand by selling the business to sub-franchisees, and offering training and support to their sub-franchisees. Master Franchise owners collect franchise fees and royalties from sub-franchises, who pay for the right to use N-Hance’s proven systems and products.

How much is the investment?

$50,000 to $2 million or more, depending on the territory and population. Master Franchisees control the rights to franchise in their area and have the ability open as many locations as they can.

Do I have to buy equipment and supplies from Harris Research Inc.?

Yes. N-Hance’s proprietary wood refinishing solutions and equipment have been tested and proven to offer superior wood refinishing. To ensure that each customer receives exceptional cleaning, and to protect the value of N-Hance’s brand for the nearly 450 franchisees around the world, you will be required to use N-Hance supplies. The equipment will be adapted to be compatible with your local power supplies.

mom looking at son in nhance in kitchen after N-Hance updated it

Do I have full rights to the territory?

Master Franchisees have territory exclusivity, and the size of the territory will be discussed as part of the partnership contract. In heavily populated countries such as China and India, a territory may encompass a large city (such as Beijing or Mumbai), whereas other territories may cover an entire province or even an entire country. In any case, Master Franchisees will enjoy full exclusivity within their territory.

Does the investor have to run the Master Franchise?

The corporate investors do not have to provide direct oversight of the company and can appoint a director of operations to act as chief executive of the Master Franchise.

Who trains new franchisees?

Chem-Dry provides training to Master Franchisees and will send out franchise development managers to help oversee training of your initial franchisees, but ongoing training and support is the responsibility of the Master Franchisee, which will also be responsible for adapting training manuals and devising marketing strategy within their territory.

N-Hance kitchen after refinishing

Who are my customers?

A potential N-Hance customer is anyone looking to refinish their hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, wooden furniture/trim, and other wood surfaces in the home or office. N-Hance Master Franchisees delight customers with how quickly and conveniently they can refinish wood surfaces, even offering complete color changes to provide a whole new look! The results truly speak for themselves.

Who should I contact to learn more about a Master Franchise?

You can complete the form on the Request Information tab and we’ll be in touch with you or you can contact VP of International Development, Joe Manuszak, joe.manuszak@hrisupport.com.

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