N-Hance Master Franchisee Requirements

Everything you need to know to join the fastest growing wood refinishing franchise in the world

N-Hance is the world’s fastest growing wood refinishing franchise, with nearly 450 franchises in multiple countries worldwide.

The global franchise system is headquartered in Nashville, TN and Logan, UT, USA. N-Hance works with Master Franchises to bring its same-day, wood refinishing service, proprietary solutions, and equipment to other nations.


The company’s growth can be traced to its history of innovation. N-Hance employs chemists who devise wood refinishing solutions that restore the shine, shield and luster to household and commercial wood surfaces, including floors and cabinets, on the very same day we’re called. Not only does this leave the wood surfaces protected for years to come, but the customer experiences a hassle-free experience at a speed significantly faster and more affordable than the industry average.

We are seeking Master Franchisees in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America; countries that are focused on the environment and where our technologies will bring the most value to the market.

A Master Franchisee owns the rights to the brand within their territory and is responsible for developing the brand by operating it themselves, or selling the business to sub-franchises, and offering training and support to their sub-franchises. Master Franchise owners collect franchise fees and royalties from sub-franchises, who pay for the right to use N-Hance’s proven systems and products.

Who we are looking for as Master Franchise Owners?

N-Hance has a track record of success, and we are looking for the same from the people with which we partner for international expansion. Master Franchise candidates should have previous success building sales and developing territories. We also require franchising experience, as our business model requires the management of sub-franchise markets. Master Franchise operators must have an office and personnel to handle the sale of franchises, accounting, training and marketing. The office must have a conference room for training and meetings.

Master Franchise Financial Requirements

The financial requirements vary depending on the size of the market. Here is a general outline:

– Franchise fee: USD $50,000 to $1 million or more, depending on territory and projected growth

– Startup cash: USD $20,000 to $100,000, depending on market size and economic conditions.

– Minimum net worth: $500,000 – $2 million, depending on market.

– Royalties: Master Franchise operators pay a “per franchise” fee on a monthly basis.

– Conversion:  N-Hance also welcomes cleaning businesses that are interested in converting existing large operations that seek to further differentiate their offerings and lead the growth of N-Hance’s brand within their nation while collecting royalties from sub-franchisees.

Sub-Franchise Financial Requirements

– Varies by Master Franchise

– Both Master Franchise and Sub-Franchisees must purchase and use only Harris Research Inc. approved products for cleaning under the N-Hance name.


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